Based out of West Michigan, I am a videographer passionate about the opportunity to capture your story. I specialize in capturing the raw emotion and the true feelings of whatever event you wish me to capture.


Of course, every videographer has their own version of the statement listed above. There is an abundance of amazing options to choose from which is why I am so incredibly thrilled that you have found my website. Here are some of the reasons I feel you should stop your overwhelming search and allow me to film your event:


  1. Honestly, I'm affordable.

  2. I am willing to work with whatever vision you have. I truly believe no two events can be captured the same. This fuels my passion for videography.

  3. Flexibility. I am not limited to filming just weddings or just highlights from your local high school sports team. Come to me with any idea and I will work with you to make it a reality. I mean, our parents walked around non-stop with camcorders as we were children. They filmed vacations, holidays, birthdays, etc. When did that stop? Let me be that embarrassing parent.

  4. Finally, I think the largest difference you will notice between my work and many others is the lack of staged shots. My goal is that you won't even notice I am present. Let me capture the realness of the day. Give me your real smiles, your real tears, your belly laughs, etc. I promise the results will be beautiful.



I look forward to working with you!