Highlight Your Skills

The Glory Days. The Good Ol' Days. The days that will be talked about for YEARS to follow. Those are important days. Let me add a visual so that you have proof next time you retell the story of that Pick-6 you had as a Sophmore. 


  • Friday Night Lights - $150

    • Football, Volleyball, Baseball, Track, Band, Lego Robotics, etc. Invite me to an event. Allow me to stand on the sidelines and I will create a 5-7 minute film highlighting the best moments from that event.

  • Hype Film - $80

    • Any team for any sport. Invite me to one of your practices early on in the season and I can create a 2-3 minute film about whatever you have in mind. Examples: Football practice, visual roster so every individual gets a separate clip, etc. The options are endless!