Invest in Your Big Day

Let me state the obvious by saying, weddings are beautiful. Stressful...but beautiful. This is going to be a day you will want to look back on forever, and I don't just mean in pictures so let me capture your day in film. The first look, the first dance, the vows, the speeches, the mother's tears, the drunk uncle; you won't want to forget a moment!​

What's included with every wedding?


  • 8-10 hours of videography

  • 9-13 minute edited HD wedding film

  • Film processed and released on Facebook if desired

  • 2 Videographers 



  • Wedding Videography begins at $2200 with the option to add extras.



  • Engagement Film - $700

    • Pretty much like engagement photos, except it's an engagement film. This can be released well before your wedding or it can be saved and displayed specifically on your wedding day.

  • Extra Hours - $100 an hour

    • Want me from Sunrise to Sunset? Just let me know!

  • Wedding Movie - $1,200

    • Every wedding comes with a wedding film (10-15 minutes) that highlights the big moments. This add-on is an additional film that can range from 45 minutes to an hour and will include every moment of your big day.

  • Trailer - $300

    • Much like a movie trailer, this can be released early and will include much of my best footage from your day wrapped into a 2-3 minute HD video.

  • Hard-Drive - $200

    • If you want to see absolutely everything from your day in an unedited format, I will take all of my footage and place it on a hard-drive for you. 

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